In Our Clients Own Words.

I Feel Fitter, Healthier & More Energised

“For many years I have attended a variation of classes, along with PT, & some running.
I often toyed with the idea of weight training, but I never really “got it”, nor did I have the confidence to walk into a weights room, let alone a room full of men & women that all ‘appear’ to know exactly what they were doing.
The thought terrified me and I felt like I’d stick out like a sore thumb, not knowing where to start!


But…In November 2015, I went to see Michael at Aberdeen Fitness Studio.
I thought “I go try this weight stuff one more time”, “it would be a change if nothing else”, “I don’t have to do it forever”… Convinced my feelings for weights most probably won’t have changed!!
How wrong could I be. I love it (in a weird sense) I even look forward to it!!


Michael has changed my feelings for weight training completely.
He has me lifting, pushing, pulling, & swinging weights I would NEVER have imagined I could. I train with him twice a week, in a private room, no distractions, just the encouragement to work hard…it’s just what I needed.


I have added a weight training day to my own weekly regime, all through Michaels encouraging words. This, for me is a huge improvement. My diet has improved to, maybe not quite at it’s best yet, but I’m getting there.
I feel fitter, healthier & more energised than ever.”


Lisa Skinner – Client

I’m Losing Weight Every Week

“I started training at Aberdeen fitness studio about three months ago when I felt that just going to the gym wasn’t working for me.


Michael started by assessing my fitness level and giving me a workout plan that I could do by myself at the gym. He also gave me advice on my nutrition, ensuring that I was eating the correct food groups to suit the exercise that I was doing.


Three months down the line and I am still going to Michael once a week. My fitness is the best it has been for about six years and I’m losing weight every week. We have a plan in place to get me down to my ideal weight and we set goals each week to ensure I can get there. Michael gives great encouragement and I could never have achieved the weight loss and fitness levels I have without his help, encouragement and knowledge of exercise and nutrition.”


David Allan – Client


I Am The Fittest And In Best Shape Of My Life

“I have been training with Michael for a couple of years now. When I first started, I had been a regular gym goer for many years and although slim I could never see muscle definition or the appearance I wanted to portray of being athletic and someone who trained hard.


I didn’t think that I was able to grow muscle and wasn’t convinced to begin with that I needed a personal trainer. I had spent a lot of time in the gym and listened to several others advice which had had no impact or the results I wanted to see. To begin with I got a lot of motivation from seeing my strength improve and my confidence build in being able to lift decent weights with good form which I increased gradually over time. Michael has been encouraging, motivating, provided advice and direction to improve. He has been patient while being able to push me through what I thought was outwith my range and abilities and I was surprised at the progress I made and have continued to make.


 I have had compliments and good comments on the improvement of my physical appearance and condition. As its hard to see changes yourself, I didn’t really see my figure changing although I felt good and knew I was a lot stronger. As I do lots of different sports I also felt the improvements and benefits filter into my other workouts and can say since starting my personal training with Michael I am the fittest and in best shape of my life to date. I can say with pride now, I am happy with the way I look. I can see the difference and enjoy seeing how my hard work has paid off.”


Caroline Jarret – Client

Can’t Recommend Highly Enough!

“I have just taken the massive step of visiting the studio and I am very impressed. Session 2 was yesterday and I had a meltdown in the middle of the session because I couldnt get the technique right. Michael was patient, encouraging and explained how I should be doing it – I got there in the end! Michael interested in my nutrition too and is making sure I can get optimal results from both workouts & nutrition. Can’t recommend highly enough!”


Kathryn Kinnear – Client

I Have Made Real Progress

“I have made real progress in terms of strength and ability since training with Michael. I look forward to my weekly sessions and enjoy the challenge of a new programme. Training in the studio is a bonus and means I get the most from each session. Highly recommend!” 


Lauren Bruce – Client

Challenging And Enjoyable!

“Since starting my training with Michael I have noticed a big difference in my fitness and strength. My weekly sessions are varied, challenging and enjoyable. Michael is very encouraging and has really helped me with motivation to get fit again. I have found his advice about nutrition really helpful and easy to follow. Highly recommended!!”


Emma Henderson – Client

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